Scent free

No fragrance to help those with sensitive skin, and to avoid irritation such as flare ups, headaches, and nausea

side effects

no side effects

No burning, blistering, crusting, swelling, dryness, or redness of the skin

relieves itch

 no uncomfortable feeling of being itchy and constantly scratching at damaged skin


Simple ingredients that are quality approved, hand-picked, and absolutely natural

clinically tested

93% efficacy with skin restoration in just two weeks along with fda approval as a treatment for symptoms of eczema

truly handmade

Exclusive and unique soap bars that are formulated, hand-cut, and packaged for every client

cruelty free

eczedone has been created, tested on, and proven safe for humans


Only fresh, pure, and organic materials are used to help avoid allergy

all ages

safe and effective for all ages to ensure everyone the comfort of being eczema free